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Deuchars IPA

Caledonian Brewing Company

A naturally brilliant blend of malt and hop characters. Solid gold colour, remarkably aromatic. smooth body with hints of fresh citrus. Dry delicate hop flower finish. A drink that is both distinctive and long on refreshment. 3.8% abv in cask and 4.4% in .

Price: £3.90
ABV: 3.8

Doom Bar

Sharp's Brewery

Cask ABV: 4%, Bottle ABV: 4.3%. Doom Bar the beer embodies many characteristics which make it worthy to carry the name of this natural wonder. It’s distinctive aroma and balanced flavour set it apart from other beers taking unsuspecting first time drinkers by surprise with its moreish appeal. Doom Bar has achieved international cult status, is one of the fastest growing beer brands in the UK and the best selling cask beer in the South West of England.

Price: ££3.90
ABV: 4.0

Peartree Summer Pale

Alechemy Brewing Ltd

A unique and very special brew from Alechemy, featuring blossoms taken from our very own 260 year old pear trees every spring! A crisp, light and floral summer session beer, perfect for a sunny day in the beer garden.

Price: ££3.90
ABV: 4.2


Stewart Brewing

Count Franz von Böhmen, A Bohemian man, drinker and brewer of Euro-Germanic lagers. Of American hops, he hears. Time for something new, he says. Exotic and bolder, it shall be! Bohemian backbone only bolder and barefaced. Your new craft lager.

Price: ££4.10
ABV: 4.0
IBU: 25

Performer - Festival Pale Ale

Alechemy Brewing Ltd

Price: ££3.90
ABV: 4.0